INVESTSA comes full circle

Canny investors know enough to take advantage of the ebb and flow of business cycles (first identified way back in 1860 by Clément Juglar). Here at COSA Media our newly appointed group MD, Chantal Camps, has been hard at work putting her 30-odd years of canny publishing experience to work, uncovering new opportunities for the group as well as identifying duplications and inefficiencies in resources and streamlining processes.

And so through this process INVESTSA magazine is finally turning full circle and coming back to its home inside the covers of RISKAFRICA magazine. Some long-time readers will recall how INVESTSA was born out of a burgeoning section inside of SA’s leading B2B financial services title, then called RISKSA – growing so much in fact that at one stage the magazine was a tome of some 200 pages and exceeding the Post Office’s one kilogram weight limit, prompting us to print the investment section as a magazine in its own right.

As with business cycles the broker market has changed substantially over the years, many smaller brokerages have merged or been acquired by bigger companies, some have sold their books on and closed their doors. The entire broker landscape looks very different to what it did even five years ago.

RISKAFRICA magazine has a huge footprint in this space, across all platforms, from events (hosting some of the biggest and frequent) to video channels (we have our own studio) to digital and print platforms with industry leading content (we have won the highest accolades for our B2B prowess from as far afield as the United States and the United Kingdom) and given that we are already distributed to all the financial services brokerage audiences, it makes perfect sense to re-incorporate INVESTSA into the RISKAFRICA fold, reducing waste, duplication and increasing readership at the same time.

The benefits to our audience are obvious – even better content, revitalised and repackaged within a proven financial services title. The benefits to our advertising partners are equally obvious, the biggest, most direct access, across any platform, to financial services brokers – not just in South Africa, but throughout the various growth points in Africa. And, of course, the benefits to us at COSA Media are streamlined and more efficient production processes, capping costs and offering these savings on to our valued and long-standing business partners.

We look forward to bringing you our new and exciting offering from our November issue of RISKAFRICA.



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